The name Scattered Soul comes from a philosophy that the universe is connected by the scattered soul of God.   Something had to happen to cause the Big Bang to create the universe.   Whatever caused that to happen is now a scattered soul that connects and influences everything, good and evil.

     I am a composer and producer of movie scores and soundtracks.  I founded Scattered Soul in 2005 as my anonymous attempt to make music that I love with dark chords, intricate and complex patterns, great harmonies, and great dance beats.  I don't try to make music with any one particular style.  It ranges from dark electronic dance and EBM to somewhat gothic or orchestral; all with a very unique sound.  

IMG_5701.jpg (1302677 bytes)    Scattered Soul songs rapidly found their way into movie soundtracks and became intertwined with my other projects.  As the Internet is an easy way to send music around the world, so goes Scattered Soul music.  I have received emails from fans and DJs all over the United States, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, Ireland, England, France, Russia, and many other countries over the years with praise for Scattered Soul songs and the responses they elicit from their audiences.  I also have had the pleasure of hearing my music played at many fantastic venues, such as the The Castle in Ybor City.

    I plan to continue making music for a long time and giving it away for free (and also distributing on iTunes, Amazon, etc.).  So please pass the Scattered Soul website address on to your friends and email me with any comments, suggestions, or anything else you want to share.


                                                                        ~Alexander Zehn